Badge of Department of Health Risk Management

Badge of Department of Health Risk Management

Design Philosophy

The government, private enterprises and individuals in this ever-changing era have to keep vigilant, taking precautions, and forecasting, assessing and managing risks through brainstorming. We encourage ourselves to act as the benchmark of policy-makers in any field or level for the best policies with minimized risks.

With “Green” (environment), “Red” (health) and “Yellow” (finance) sails as symbols in different levels combined on a winmill, the rotary windmill for good risk profile, assessment, management and policy presents “lowered risks/crises and favorable turns through management”.

Blue Arrows” symbolizing the benchmark of a policy-maker and inducing the best policy with risks minimized present foresight of the Department of Health Risk Management in the stream of time and our role as the leader! “Brain with Flashes” present clear, effective and endless thinking, brainstorming and precautions. “We have all ideas you can’t image”.