Full-Time Faculty

Name Position Education  E-mail Phone Publication
Hui-Tsung Hsu

Associate Professor

and Chair
Ph. D, In Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University hthsu@mail.cmu.edu.tw 6502 View
Chow-Feng Chiang Professor Ph. D, In Environmental Engineering, Iowa State University amur.chiang@gmail.com 6123 View
Houng-Lung Chiang Professor Ph. D, Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University hlchiang@mail.cmu.edu.tw 6503 View
Hsueh-Chun Lin Associate Professor Ph. D, In Civil & Environmental Engineering, California University snowlin@mail.cmu.edu.tw 6506 View
Yu-Ching Lan Associate Professor Ph. D, In Public Health, National Yang-Ming University yclan@mail.cmu.edu.tw 6509 View
Chi-Jung Chung Associate Professor Ph.D., Program in School of Public Health, Taipei Medical University cjchung@mail.cmu.edu.tw 6505 View
Shang-Lun Chiang Assistant Professor Ph.D., In Graduate Institute of Medicine, College of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University, chimpanzee99999@gmail.com
7608, 7735