Graduate Program

About Graduate Program

  1. Department of Health Risk Management (HRM) was founded under the school of public health at China Medical University in August 2003. Department of Health Risk Management had been established had 11 years. It is the first department regarding the health risk management in biomedicine field in Taiwan. Graduate Program was founded in 2013. It is the first Graduate Program regarding the health risk management in biomedicine field in Taiwan.  
  2. Department of Health Risk Management’s education goal to teach stuednts have knowledge of risk assessment , risk management, skills and the basic ability accomplishment of undergraduate Program. It  is called RISK(Risk, International, Skill and Knowledge)in English. The education goal of Graduate Program to develop workforce for risk assessment and risk management. Graduate Program established will Integrate the institutions at home and abroad.
  3. Our missions aim to enrich the lives of students and contribute to public health through teaching, research, and service.
    (1) Teaching
    For educating professionals of risk assessment and management, we provide training upon fundamental theory as well as emphasize practical learning in a variety of health risk topics such as health risk assessment, environmental and ecological risk assessment, risk informatics, risk module design and development, risk decision, cost benefit analysis, risk communication, and so on.
    (2) Research
    For developing risk analysis modules for product, service, and system oriented risk research, we design the program to build up health risk database and risk decision support.
    (3) Service
    For feeding back our professionals to people and industrial consultants, we enhance the service through international health risk topics and expect solid assistance on enterprises to evaluate risk of products and spread the market.
    Health risk management is a highly integrative, emerging special. The professional integrates the articles of transportation models, toxicology, epidemiology, environmental science, business administration, financial management, decision support, social psychology to educate a modern risk management expert. The application of health risk management can achieve the risk management of medical treatment, dietary and health, ecological environment, business and finance, consumption, and so on. The ministry of education has announced that the risk management is a necessary subject for the examination of oversea study.
    Recently, our faculties participated in the projects of health risk assessment on Central Taiwan Science Park and Formosa 6th Petrochemical District. We also completed the health risk analysis of important dietary events such as melamine milk and American beef.
    Our target will aim to instruct students in the advanced expertise of national health and environmental risk analysis for requirement of human resource. Through incorporation with National Health Research Institute (NHRI), we expect to be a pioneer to discover the technology and consolidate the foundation of novel health risk analysis.
  4. After earning the M.S. degree, our students can choose to enroll following Carrier and Opportunity:
    (1) Advanced Study
    our students can choose to enroll the PhD degree of public health or environmental science for advanced study such as master program in health risk assessment, environmental risk assessment, public health, environmental medicine, health science and administration, business administration, epidemiology, environmental toxicology, hospital service administration, and so on.
    (2) Risk assessment and management of high-tech industry.
    (3) Private agency such as Engineering Consultants, Ltd. Wok for Industrial safety of risk assessment.
    (4) Consulting service to provide this society of  project management and personal health risk assessment. 
    (5) Passed technical personnel of higher examination, entered government service work for policy making of risk assessment.

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