Areas of Excellence

The leading academic and governmental institutions, such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, USEPA, European Environment Agency, are primarily interested in the topics of public health and environmental risk management with respect to relationship of human being health versus environment, ecology, medicine, or pollution that are associated with risk communication and cost benefit analysis. Therefore, our department was established under school of public health and named as the department of health risk management by following this international tendency. We recruit professionals with expertise in environmental health and engineering, as well as occupational medicine, preventive medicine, epidemiology, clinical toxicology, medical informatics, database management, microbiology and immunology, biostatistics. Currently, our professors earned their Ph.D. degree in environmental health or environmental engineering, but, experienced with plentiful teaching works, their research publications are related to epidemiology, preventive medicine, toxicology, environmental risk or health risk of human beings. These papers are published by many SCI journals, such as “Journal of Hazardous Materials,” “Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association,” “Atmospheric Environment,” “Environment International,” which are relative to environmental health and engineering; and “Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology,” “Inhalation Toxicology,” “Antiviral Research,” “Cancer Causes and Control,” “Nutrition,” “Biotechnology Letters,” “Rheumatology International,” “American Journal of Kidney Diseases,” “Journal of Medical Virology,” “Journal of Clinical Immunology,” which are relative to toxicology, preventive medicine, immunology, biostatistics, and biotechnology, etc. In the past years, we obtained some large budget and projects regarding health risk assessment of environment and dietary. Our research capacity is therefore expanded to health risk assessment of medical care, environment, and diary by integrating with other teams of schools and universities.