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Monographic Study

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Implementation Directions for Monographic Study

  1. For promotion of practice-based learning and self-learning, the Department of Health Risk Management encourages student to join a group for monographic study early according to their interests.
  2. The briefing for monographic study, an optional course in the second term of senior, is held for sophomores and juniors in the sixth week of the first term every school year.
  3. The like-minded students who are interested in taking the monographic study may organize one group consisting of 3 or 4 classmates.
  4. The students in one group should select one instructor in the tenth week in the first term of junior and submit a name list as well as a proposal for the monographic study (as shown in the attached file) approved by the instructor and the department head to the department office.
  5. Each instructor should instruct not more than two groups of students in principle.
  6. The first and second oral exams for the paper of monographic study publicly presented in a poster are held in November every year and April next year, respectively.
  7. Each group of students should submit a 500-word paper abstract in triplicate along with a disc to our faculty members for reviews one week before the oral exam and a complete final paper along with a disc four weeks after the oral exam. In principle, the content of the paper consists of (1) introduction, (2) literature review, (3) research method, (4) result, (5) discussion, (6) conclusion and recommendation and (7) reference.
  8. Evaluation: The oral exam (poster included) (50%) and the paper (50%) for each group are reviewed and evaluated by two instructors who have equal rights for ratings.
  9. The group which fails in the monographic study may apply for an extra review.
  10. Other matters not mentioned shall come into force upon resolutions of the department meeting.

Introduction of History of Monographic Study

As an optional course dating back to 2005, the monographic study is intended for practical research of the topics in which the students are interested under the instructors’ directions. There have been 102 groups of students for the monographic study as yet and 36 of them were subsidized by the “College Students Participation in Research Program”.