Preface by Chairman of Health Risk Management

Associate Professor  Hui-Tsung Hsu

Associate Professor  
Hui-Tsung Hsu

Department of Health Risk Management in China Medical University is set up at 2002.  This department sets its goal on training specialists of human health risk assessment as well as of environmental risk assessment.  For the dedication by Prof. Kuo, Ching-Tang, Prof. Chiang, Chow-Feng and Prof. Chiang, Hung-Lung to this department, we have our graduate institute established at 2013 to enter a whole new era for this department. Risk management analysis laboratory is also build up based upon devotion of teachers and students from this department.  All their efforts are highly appreciated.  As a successor, I would like to follow commitments for myself. Also, I would like to encourage my colleagues, and inspire students in this department.

  1. Risk management plays an essential role in this world.  If you search “risk management” by Google engine, you will be able to find 274,000,000 links.  Comparing with recorder number of “7-11”, 106,000,000; record number of “risk management institute” is 589,000,000; which is 5.57 times higher than “7-11”’s.  This indicates that risk management is gaining its global significance.  The development is toward globalization.  Students in this department should never forget this.  We are looking forward students can learn their knowledge to enrich their professional during staying in this department.
  2. As mentioned above, the development of risk management is toward globalization.  Students must realize that English is critical in entering international society for further development.  In additional to professional courses, ability of fluently using English is very important for the four-year study here.  Steps by steps, the four years timing will be the best time period for improving your international language.  With solid foundation of professional courses and language, the road to success will just lay in front of you.
  3. There are many risk management and environmental pollution related events happened in Taiwan, such as ractopamine clenbuterol poisoning incident, melamine milk scandal, maleic acid poisoning starch event, plasticizing agent poisoning juice events.  In addition, about 4.5 hectares of rice paddies were reported, on July 30, 2013, which seriously polluted by heavy metals including zinc, nickel, chromium, copper, etc.  These events are badly affect citizen’s health and social stability. Based upon our specialty and professions, we should devote ourselves in setting criterions for preventing our people exposing in dangerous related to health risks as well as various environmental pollutions.
  4. As the president of Landis Hotel, Mr. Yan, Chang-So said, competition in the future is no only in academic background, but in experiences.  I think that experiences are accumulated from our positive attitudes and continuous efforts.  Therefore, we should cherish all the opportunities enriching our experiences.  Through experiences, we could make better judgments, could comprehend techniques.  There are lots of chances for all of you to explore for learning or experiencing either in Taiwan or abroad.  Grab the chances and cherish yourselves.
  5. Professional courses for risk management include toxicology, statistics, environmental sciences, analytical chemistry, economics, management science, public health, behavior science. Comprehensive analyses need not only well trained professional specialty, but also both horizontal cooperation and vertical integration.  Learn how to cooperate with people, communicate with people, and share with people. I encourage all of us should tight together and create any possibility to cooperate.

At last, the growth and strength of Department of risk management are highly dependent on both efforts and devotion from all teachers and students. I wish all of you would be proud to be part of the members of this big family.  As our former chairman, Prof Chiang, Hung-Lung said, wish all you may learn happily and find your own opportunity in this risky society!

Sincerely yours,
Hui-Tsung Hsu Ph.D.

Chair of Department